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Painting WallPainting a building not only enhances its beauty but also improves its life span by protecting it from the harmful effects of UV sun rays, mildew and even damage caused by moisture. Using tex-cote takes the protection level many steps ahead as the product also keeps the buildings safe from damage caused not only by weather but also form dust, dirt and mould, besides offering numerous other advantages. Moreover, tex-cote can be used over a variety of surfaces including, wood, stucco, brick, and even metal, making it an all-purpose product.

However in order to fully exploit the benefits of tex-cote and get really long lasting results, the surfaces need to prepared for receiving a coat of the paint. This process needs to be carried out in the right manner so that paint is applied properly. Given below are some basic guidelines about how to prepare a surface that is to be painted with tex-cote.

Checking For Damages

The first step in the process of surface preparation is to carefully check them for any serious damages and surface deterioration that needs to be repaired before applying the paint. Although the product is capable of repairing minor cracks and fissures on its own, visible damages need to be repaired for better application and results.

Cleaning The Surface & Masking

Once the damages have been detected and repaired, the next step is to clean the surface thoroughly by the application of powerful pressure cleaning action. This action, which is also known as pressure washing helps in clearing the surface of any stain, accumulated dirt, lose paint and even algae. In addition, it helps in bringing to fore the areas that need to be patched up with a combination of a special formulation of Tex bond and Flex Patch.

Once the surface has been cleansed and made uniform through the binding process, it is time to do the masking. This involves covering all the surfaces, which are not to be painted, with plastic or paper sheets so as to prevent them from being blotched by the overspray of primer and paint.

Application Of Primer

The next and the final step in the process of surface preparation is that of applying the primer. For this, the use of a high-pressure primer sprayer is recommended, so that the entire surface is covered with a uniform coating. It is also important to ensure that the application of primer is done when the temperature is above the recommended minimum application temperature provided on the container. Once the primer has dried up sufficiently, the surface is ready to receive the coat of tex-cote paint.
It is always advisable to use a qualified and experienced painting contractor as applying tex-coat paint is much difficult than applying normal house paint. Even a slight mistake can ruin the effect of this expensive product and negate its benefits, leaving the building having just a coat of overly expensive paint with no special qualities.


wall paintFor most people, their homes are their biggest assets as they have invested a lifetime of savings into them. However, house maintenance costs can prove to be a really big burden on their pocket, especially if they need to repaint the house every few years to prevent it from becoming a shabby, old and dilapidating structure.

Tex-cote is a revolutionary new product, which has redefined the way people paint their homes and offices to maintain that everlasting look of natural beauty. Although the product is relatively new and even quite expensive, it offers numerous advantages as listed below, over ordinary house paint, making it truly cost effective in the long run.

It is Weatherproof and Doesn’t Peel or Flake

One of the biggest advantages of Tex-cote is that it can resist extreme weather conditions. The product is nearly 10 times thicker than normal paint, which helps it to resist the harmful effects of sun, rain, frost and snow. This makes the product extremely useful for maintaining the beauty of a building for several years, especially in the regions with harsh weathers.

The incredible elasticity of tex-cote makes it flexible enough to adjust with the expansion and contraction of the masonry. In addition, the product has a great adhesive quality which keeps it glued to the surface. These attributes help in preventing the development of cracks as well as peeling and flaking that is quite common with normal house paint.

Helps In Saving Energy

Tex-cote is a specially formulated product that is capable of reflecting the heat of the sun. This helps in keeping the interiors of a building cooler and saving a significant amount of energy that would otherwise be required to bring down the temperature. It is believed that tex-cote helps in saving a minimum of 21.9 % energy which would otherwise have been utilized for cooling the interiors.

Requires Minimal Maintenance & Adds Value

Application of tex-cote paints is considered to be a once in a lifetime job as the product is resistant to damage caused by not only the weather elements but also dust and mold. What is more, this paint is capable of repairing any minor damages in the masonry, such as cracks and damage caused by water, at the time of application itself. Its beautiful finish is really durable and can last as long as up to 40 years, eliminating the need of repainting ever so often.

The long lasting velvety smooth texture of tex-cote helps in enhancing the beauty of any building and hence adds value. Even after years of having applied this paint, the building retains its attractive look, which can play a significant role in enhancing its costs, in case it is to be put on sale.

Tex-cote is a futuristic product with diverse qualities that makes it a preferred choice for people wanting a long lasting beautiful look for their homes and offices.


paintIn the recent years, the advent of tex-cote has revolutionized the entire concept of painting a building. Tex-cote helps people to not only make their premises look attractive but also protect them from various environmental hazards. However, a large number of people are still unaware about this highly useful product. This write-up tries to provide the readers with some basic information about tex-cote products so that they can exploit its benefits.

Tex-cote is the micron used for Textured Coating that comes with special integrated properties to provide beautiful and long lasting layer of finish. This high quality paint is available in the form of distinct products each of which has its own set of attributes. Currently there are three key products of tex-cote, namely Genuine Tex-cote, Cool Walls and Reflective Tec. The brief details of each of these products are given below.

Genuine Tex-Cote

Genuine Tex-cote is a product used for protection against harsh weather conditions. This product is essentially a combination of a thin primer and a thick and smooth finish color coat. When the product is applied, the primer and the finish coat blend with each other chemically to form an almost impenetrable and moisture proof layer that protects the premises from damage from various elements including rain, snow and frost. This extremely durable product adds beauty to any building without the need to repaint it regularly as the coat does not chip, peel or flake like normal paint.

Cool Walls

Cool Walls, as the name suggests helps in maintaining significant temperature difference between the interior and exterior of a building. It is based on the same technology that is used by the armed forces to reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed by their vehicles. It is prepared with a special formula that reflects the heat of the sun by modifying the invisible part of the light spectrum. This product helps in saving electrical energy which would otherwise be used to cool down the interiors of a building. In addition to ensuring long lasting beauty of the exterior walls it also comes with a built-in fade resistant technology, making it truly long lasting.

Reflective Tec

Reflective Tec is a product that is designed to reflect the heat waves from the roof of a building. The product is made from a special formulation that uses a combination of the infrared heat-reflective technology and the latest Fluoropolymer technology. This creates a water-based coating that not only has an enhanced ability to reflect solar heat, but is also resistant to natural contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew. This extremely durable product can last anywhere between 10-20 years with minimal need for maintenance.

Although Tex- cote products cost more than normal paints, their, beauty, durability and various benefits make them extremely cost effective in the long run. So people looking forward to painting, or re-painting their homes or offices, should consider using tax-cote products for giving their premises a long lasting attractive look.